The crystal clear water of the Adriatic sea and the silver sandy beach are the keywords of the Abruzzo region and a guarantee of wonderful holidays which will make you relax and find new enthusiasms: the coast is 130 km long, the sandy beach melts with the green hills as if by magic and then become the impressive and majestic mountain of Gran Sasso. Indeed Abruzzo is also called the "green region of Italy" because of its 4 natural parks and the various natural protected areas where to admire the chamois, the eagle and the wolf. The villages of medieval origin on the hills, the necropolis spread in the landscape, the cities of art and the castles offer a rich variety to complete your holiday not forgetting outdoor activities and entertainments of the seaside. Come to discover Abruzzo, the region with so many proposals for unforgettable holidays!


The great craftsmanship and the handmade skill with their secrets, intuition and passion have been passed down over the centuries. The traditional and handmade works are part of the culture and it is thanks to this wisdom that simple and common row materials become the protagonist of many expositions and fairs witnessing the essence not only of a region but also of a people. In the handicraftsmen's workshops noble metals, copper, wrought iron, valuable wood and fabrics, pottery and most of all tanned hides and leather are magically transformed into precious products of Italian and international value.


The most important ingredients of the typical dishes of the region of Abruzzo are freshness, authenticity, naturalness and abundance mixed together and prepared with art and experience by the various chefs of hotels, restaurants an farms you will find along the coast. The very great protagonists of the seafood cuisine are sardines and anchovies with which "Timballi" and Pasta are prepared. One of the various speciliaties is the "brodetto", a kind of fish soup prepared with a lot of fish varieties you can taste everywhere and in any way along the shoreline, on the various village festivals which are organised in the whole summer season. Furthermore in Alba Adriatica starts one of the "Wine streets" which lets you discover the antique and precious wine art of the region crossing the fascinating hinterland where the wineries are set.


The rocky mountain Gran Sasso will fascinate you with its wide beech-tree wood being a desired destination of those who love nature: ramblers, mountaineers and skiers. To hike on the Gran Sasso means to discover a pure nature and the deep seated traditions and habits of the Abruzzo region.The "Laga Mountains" are less known but not less fascinating and astonishing: they are more gentle and rich of water; here you may admire the falls of Morricana, Volpara and Barche.To live the unique experience of discovering bears' footprints in the woods, of seeing the tracks of wolfs on the snow, of catching sight of chamois and of admiring wild flowers in spring are only some of the fascinating things you may do in the National Park of Abruzzo. The landscape of this park is characterised by these changing colours, flowers and the sudden appearing of animals living in these pure, uncontaminated and protected area. With the eagle flying above you, in the Maiella Park you will admire ancient signs such as antique villages, hermitages, inscriptions of the shepherds, brigands' bastions, tholos huts and beautiful caves like the Cavallone Cave with its spectacular depths of 1.425 m.

“Abruzzo... Naturalmente tuo!„